The Transpac Tahiti Race is an invitational race for trophies presented by the Transpacific Yacht Club. Yachts are invited to sail the traditional course from Point Fermin, California, USA to Papeete, Tahiti, FP The organizing authority for the race is the Transpacific Yacht Club (TPYC) and its committees.


The race will be governed by the current Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) including US SAILING prescriptions and the US Safety Equipment Requirements (SER) for Ocean races


The race is open to sailing yachts that meet the requirements of the US SER for Ocean races. Because the race is an Ocean race yachts must be completely self-sufficient for extended periods of time, capable of withstanding heavy storms and prepared to meet serious emergencies without the expectation of outside assistance.


Monohull and multihulls yachts will each race in their own fleet.


Per Offshore Racing Rule (ORR) Appendix 7 monohull yachts are permitted to declare, be rated with and use movable and/or variable ballast.  All ballast systems shall be capable of manual operation if powered systems are inoperable. The minimum LOA shall be 40′. There shall be no rating limit for shortest elapsed time or course record contenders. All monohull yachts shall have valid ORR ratings issued by US Sailing and shall be eligible for the overall monohull fleet corrected time trophies.


Multihulls are unrestricted both in maximum length and rating. Multihull ratings for Multihull handicap awards shall be based on the ORR Multihull rating rule, ORR-MH. The number of multihulls required to qualify the fleet is 2; the TPYC Board may waive this requirement depending on entries. The minimum Multihull length is 45 feet; however, consideration may be given to slightly smaller Multihulls that meet recognized multihull stability standards defined in ISO 12217 Category A and hull construction standards of ISO 12215 Category A.