The Transpac Tahiti Race is organised by TransPacific Yacht Club with the co-operation of Archipelagoes.

Transpacific Yacht Club

The Transpacific Yacht Club (TPYC) The Transpac Yacht Club TPYC, created in 1928, based in Newport Beach, California, is responsible for organizing biennialy the world-renowned Transpacific Yacht Race (“the Transpac”) from Los Angeles to Honolulu and organized 15 times over the last century, the Tahiti Race from Los Angeles to Tahiti.

Its Commodore Mr Tom Hogan and all the TPYC board are willing to give a new impulse to the Transpac Tahiti Race and join their efforts and network in the Transpac Tahiti.


Stéphanie BETZ, co-founder of Archipelagoes has been involved in the nautical tourism in French Polynesia for 20 years now and working in close collaboration with both public and private actors of the industry.

She launched and managed the Tahiti Pearl Regatta for 15 years. She was in charge of the welcome festivity Committee of the last Tahiti Race in 2008 and 2012 too. She also organizes the stopover of the World Arc Rally, the Oyster Rally each year.

Archipelagoes will put their energy, passion, expertise & South Pacific network to celebrate the Transpacific Tahiti.